How To Cope With Flatulence In Infants

how to cope with flatulence in infants?
this is certainly in question by couples who just get a baby in their household
Your baby is often fussy and crying as if he will feel discomfort with the condition of his body when his belly bulge and when knocked seemed to feel a change from normal baby’s abdominal condition. This happens because of an increase in the amount of gas in the baby’s digestive tract or known as bloating. In infants less than 4 months the condition occurs because it has not produced strong digestive organs that easily increase the gas in the stomach and intestine section, though you do not need to panic.

You can find out the causes of flatulence in your baby. Under normal circumstances in the abdomen does have air content but not in excessive amounts so that air content will return to normal in the … Read more

Secret 8 Foods For Women’s Health

  1. Apples for ideal body weight

Most women are not confident with excess weight. Especially for those of you who just gave birth. Apples in addition to containing antioxidants for the immune system was able to maintain your ideal body weight because the sweetener contained in gradually so as to control your appetite.


  1. Grain seeds for recovery after childbirth

Whole grain seeds are able to help you to restore the state of the body after childbirth, in addition to the symptoms of PMS can be relieved by consuming wheat seeds before menstruation. Vitamin B6 and folic acid are good nutrients for your heart health.

  1. Tomato for facial beauty

Facial problems for women is a very scary thing not infrequently women willing to spend a lot of money to take care of his face. With tomatoes containing vitamins A and C that can cleanse your face from acne, besides tomatoes are also … Read more