How To Cope With Flatulence In Infants

how to cope with flatulence in infants?
this is certainly in question by couples who just get a baby in their household
Your baby is often fussy and crying as if he will feel discomfort with the condition of his body when his belly bulge and when knocked seemed to feel a change from normal baby’s abdominal condition. This happens because of an increase in the amount of gas in the baby’s digestive tract or known as bloating. In infants less than 4 months the condition occurs because it has not produced strong digestive organs that easily increase the gas in the stomach and intestine section, though you do not need to panic.

You can find out the causes of flatulence in your baby. Under normal circumstances in the abdomen does have air content but not in excessive amounts so that air content will return to normal in the stomach when your baby has disposed of gas. However, there are some conditions that cause the increase of air in the baby’s stomach causing the baby’s stomach bloating like the lack of proper nutrition in your baby, is experiencing respiratory problems such as shortness of breath so that air into the abdomen more than normal, can tolerate lactose formula so much of the content lactose can cause gas in the intestine or passage disorders (food travel) in infants who have received complementary feeding.

For you to detect a baby with bloating can be seen from the abdomen is more enlarged than usual, your baby is restless and crying continuously, under certain conditions tugging his legs to the abdomen, you can also do a soft tap on the baby’s stomach to see changes that occur from their normal state. Abdominal bloating in infants can lead to uncomfortable conditions that result in your baby crying more often however you do not need to panic the condition of infant’s stomach can be resolved at home with the following ways:

1. Gently pat the baby’s back

In infants aged under 6 months, breastfeeding is the main nutrient so more often consume milk. You need to pat the back of the baby gently while carrying it. You can do this for one to two minutes until the baby burps. Bloating begins to decrease as the baby burps.

2. Rubbing the baby’s abdomen

To overcome a bloated baby’s stomach, you can rub the baby’s abdomen gently, use baby oil to provide warmth in the body. This step can overcome flatulence in children.

3. Providing warm water

When the baby’s stomach bloated, you can give a little warm water to drink. In addition, you should also use warm water to bathe the baby. This step can restore the baby’s stomach bloat.

4. Be alert with formula milk

You need to be alert to formula milk that can make some baby stomach bloated. You need to observe whether your baby is stomach bloated after drinking formula milk. For some time avoid formula milk to be the best way.

5. Doing exercise for your baby

You need to let the baby exercise. One exercise that can be applied by holding his feet and then moving slowly. This step can improve bowel movements and make it easier for infants to get rid of gas.

6. Allow your baby to be active

You can spend time with your baby to play, you need to engage the baby in a fun activity to help the baby get the gad in his belly. Active body movements can help the baby to remove from the gas through belching.